Windows Project : Amii McGuinness

Welcome to our “windows project”. We embarked on this journey in response to the pandemic and ongoing challenges that are happening as a result.

This project is a piece in development by Garter Lane Arts Centre.

We are keen to remind our audiences that artists continue to work and produce even in times of uncertainty, and we are excited about the opportunity to share their work, through our windows projections and at street level.

Over the coming weeks, Garter Lane will be projecting a series of commissioned pieces in our studio building windows (No. 5 O’Connell Street) for your cultural sustenance when you’re out walking or in the car.

The project relies on a subtle blend of falling light, and passers-by catching a glimpse of something they weren’t expecting on a stroll down O’Connell Street.

Our aim is that of bringing artistic work into an environment where it can be seen and experienced by the public.

Many people were involved in getting this project up and running and without their help and support it simply would not have happened, so Thank you: Deirdre Dwyer, John Grubb (Every Event), Sandra Kelly and Richard (Lippy) Collins…

Our first featured artist is….

Artists Name: Amii McGuinness
Title of Work: Neach Buan

About Artist:

Amii Mc Guinness is a visual artist living and working in Waterford.

Primarily working in video Amii uses vintage lenses creating beautiful film stills.

With a BA in Visual Arts from Waterford Institute of Technology and a  Postgraduate Higher diploma in the art of TV production and digital media

Fascinated by the moving image, video allows McGuinness to revisit moments and dissect and manipulate every movement or frame into layers while documenting and capturing fleeting moments.

About the work:

Title: Neach Buan

Neach Buan captures fleeting moments and emotions. Focusing, on the human condition in a metaphysical sense, exploring the joy, terror and other feelings or emotions associated with being and existence. McGuinness’s work is haunting, repetitive and relentless. 

Exploring ephemeral moments in the hope that the moment will last an eternity. The movement, the light, the rhythm all used to mesmerise the viewer. 

Past works have explored sound. This work relies on the sound and breath of the viewer. Leaving the work incomplete without the viewer.

Duration: 3:51:09… loop

Medium: Video

Date of Projection: Monday 8t , Wednesday 10th , and Friday 12th,  6.30-8.30pm.

Time of Projection: 6.30-8.30pm.


The Projection of Work is weather dependant… projections will not go ahead if inclement weather is forecast.

Remember to social distance, keep your mask on and help each other to stay safe ! 


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