Windows Project : WIT Projection Week

Welcome to our “Windows Project”. We embarked on this journey in response to the pandemic and ongoing challenges that are happening as a result.

This project is a piece in development by Garter Lane Arts Centre.

We are keen to remind our audiences that artists continue to work and produce even in times of uncertainty, and we are excited about the opportunity to share their work, through our windows projections and at street level.

Our third window feature is….

Title of Project: WIT Projection Week (Visual Art Department)


Duration: 3 Minute loop

Medium: Film Animation

Date of Projection: Mon 22nd Feb | Wed 24 Feb | Fri 26 Feb

Time of Projection: 6.30-8.30pm (on listed dates, weather dependent)


Artists Name: Catherine Ash Doyle

Title of Work: The Natural World

About Artist: Final Year student of W.I.T Visual Art. Raised in the countryside of Kilkenny. Art has always been a part of my life. Whether it be a means of escape or just to document my surroundings, for as long as she can remember art has always been a daily activity. Studying art has opened her eyes to how art can be so much more than a pretty picture. Finding it incredible to discover the power art can have through studying here in Waterford. Delighted to officially have the chance to show work in a gallery. This year especially has proven to have some great difficulties yet working through these tough times has also strengthened my skills as an artist.

About Work: My work has always been inclined to lean towards the natural world and our surroundings. This year my work focuses on the relationship between humans and their natural surroundings. I try to include aspects of environmental issues in my work to highlight our current environmental crisis. I believe art has an incredible power to highlight social issues in a way words alone cannot. I aspire to use my art to open people’s minds and create thought-provoking visuals with lead to more discussions on certain topics.

Duration: 21 sec

Medium: Plaster, Plastic, Fabric, Scrim, Chicken wire, Aluminium.


Artists Name: Marco Di Sante

Title of Work: Section of an Experience

About Artist: I am inspired by Nature and its preservation, Greek-Roman mythology, human emotions as well as my intercultural background. My primary research is mainly based on experimentation with different techniques, materials, and elements. I am still deeply connected to the use of traditional media and I like to manipulate materials by hand along with technology. This way, I am able to push my creations and research in order to add innovative elements and new ways of interacting with my audience. My designs are inspired by the laws of geometry, perspective within the liberty of expression. Analysing the objects and subjects’ identity is fundamental in my process of making because it gives me a chance to expand and explore their hidden aspects. The complexity of reality is simplified and made accessible to a wide audience.

About Work: For this work, I got inspired by a walk inside the Ballyvoile tunnel on the GreenWay near Dungarvan. I had gone there to experience the feeling of darkness. The idea of the tunnel came to my mind after questioning myself about the idea of destination, whether it is final or not. In other words, everything started with the question “Where are we going?”. This is an interactive piece of work because viewers are invited to go inside and possibly bend over to do so. However, this is not an obligation and the installation can still be seen only on the outside. It is left to the observers to set their own boundaries. By going inside, they enter an intimate space where they have the opportunity to isolate and get lost temporarily before getting close to the light again at the end of the tunnel. The entire project is based on two ideas: Simplification and Insecurities. As the Homo Sapiens started the simplification process of complex concepts through drawing for communication and education purposes that has progressed and it is still present nowadays, I have limited the use of colours and created a grid. The insecurities that have always been part of our daily lives since the beginning of humanity are portrayed through the absence of light inside the tubes.

Duration: “00:36:31”

Medium: Video Installation


Artist: Laura Donegan

Title of work: Beautiful Mould

About the artist: 21 years old, I am a 4th year student of W.I.T Visual Arts department. Born and raised in the countryside of Kildare, art has been something that has deeply influenced my life and ways of seeing. Studying art has allowed me to view the way I work through a new light. I found the more abstract of work to be freeing and liberating. This freedom to work through different mediums allowed me to view areas I would overlook in a new and different light. My ways of working have been motivated by the change from country life to city life and the differences that come with such. I have never been more excited to finally have the chance to share my work with the world.

About the work: Beautiful Mould is about the hidden beauty found in mould growth. It looks deeper into the real growth of mould and the different formations, colours and patterns of mould. A hidden gem of bursting life that has often been overlooked. Growing up in the countryside meant being surrounded by the natural growth of plants and bacteria, however the move to the city meant less nature. Seeing mould growth on and inside buildings drew inspiration on the way in which nature struggles to make it visible in a man-made landscape.

The work itself is only temporary and losing all form and colour meaning the only remains are through images. It is not forever and neither is the living mould. It shows that beauty can be only temporary and it is our job to see the beauty before it is too late, not only that but if one was to look deeply into the world around us you can find beauty is something that has been overlooked.

Duration: 43 seconds video clip … Loop (+ photos)

Medium: Video, photography, food dye (various), vinegar, baking powder, acetate



Artists Name: Lauren Kehoe

Title of Work: The Breakdown of Astrology (Leo)

About the artist: My name is Lauren Kehoe; I am in my final year of Art college in WIT.  I have always loved art it has always been an escape from reality and a way for me to express myself and how I see the world. I have always been drawn to the more interesting, weird, and different kinds of sculptures. I have been drawn towards the mental health art and threw thins I started to look into the zodiac aspect of the art world.  My work is mostly about the breakdown of my astrology chart threw my eyes.

About the work:  My work explores the breakdown of astrology threw my eyes, I have looked into my Zodiac sign (Leo) and I have looked at how each planet affects me and how their placement affects my life. I have also looked into each member of my family’s signs and how they impact my life. I then took this a little further and started to examine my Birth Chart and the lines within it, I started to think about how I could use this chart within my work.

Duration:  3 minutes 13 seconds

Medium: Plaster, string, Styrofoam, paint, wood, wire


Artist Name: Nicole O’Flynn

Title of Work: Now It’s Personal

About Artist: I am a 21-year-old third-year visual art student at WIT. My pronouns are she/them. I have an interest in feminist art theory and my work is inspired by and revolves around my past trauma and PTSD, issues with my gender identity, and any biphobia I have experienced. My preferred medium is mixed media collage, painting and sculpture.

About Work: This short video piece was edited from a video that was developed as part of an identity project in college. It was accompanied by plaster casts of vulvas and the audio was questions to my abusers. The film is about my mental deterioration as a result of being sexually assaulted and how I view myself as a victim while trying to overcome it.

Duration: 4:54 minutes

Medium: Film and projection

Image of Work:



Artists Name: Petr Roznovsky

Title of Work: Places of Solitude

About Artist: I was born in the former Czechoslovakia in the early ’80s. I’ve studied economics and Information Technology. I worked as an IT tutor for one year and then I moved to Ireland to live a different life. After years of working in different places, mostly interacting with people, I started studying arts at Ormonde College in Kilkenny. After 2 years of study, I continued studying at WIT and now I am in my final year. I have lots of other interests besides art, such as history, psychology, philosophy and criminology.

About Work: The work consists of surreal photographs and sculptures (mainly inspired by brutalist architecture, which I was surrounded by for over half of my life). The main focus is on creating a feeling of being lost in places that have been lost a long time ago; places, where time stopped. These places feel very lonely and quiet. It is a play of shapes, lights, shadows and perspective.

Duration: 55 seconds

Medium: mp4



Artists Name: Emily Unsworth

Title of Work: Contorted

About Artist: I am a visual artist living in Waterford. I have started creating work to do with body image as it is an area, I am interested in exploring because of my own relationship with my body image. I am trying to turn the negativity associated with body image into positivity and bring the focus away from what society deems as a ‘good’ body image.

About Work: The work I created is about body image, mine specifically, and how a body can be distorted to look like something else. I want the focus of the work to be about the colours and shapes created and not about the size or imperfections of a body. The work I created was achieved by taking pictures of parts of my body that I am insecure about and editing them to create something completely different.

Duration: 4:16

Medium: Photography, Photoshop, Fabric


Artists Name: Rhys Wallace

Title of Work: I Feel So Myself (2020)

About Artist: Rhys Wallace is a Waterford local studying Visual Art at W.I.T, currently in third year who tackles issues of identity, gender and activism. He primarily works through collage, digital painting and video to explore the complex landscape of personal and societal gender by way of investigating the expectations and perceptions of what masculinity and femininity mean.

As a person with a non-traditional experience of gender, Rhys finds himself drawn to these concepts and themes and aims to explore the grey areas of the LGBTQ+ experience and gender identity from the lens of a young Irish artist currently living through a time period of awareness surrounding gender politics, expression and identity.

About Work: “I Feel So Myself” is a short-form film that takes inspiration from early film work as well as experimental film. It explores the concept of the artists own personal identity in regards to gender expression through the use of a multi-media approach. Utilising a projector, in which numerous pieces of footage are overlapped on top of a live performance; “I Feel So Myself” explores the concept of gender as an intricate, confused and layered experience in which many different versions of a singular person coalesce on top of one another.

This layered experience highlights both a discordance and harmony in the experience of having a complex gender expression, as forms overlap to create a cohesive form, while at times fracturing from one another. Thus, splitting and combining over and over to create a chaotic experience.

Duration: 3 minutes 52 seconds

Medium: Projection, Video



Artists Name: James Whelan

Title of Work: Untitled