JOLT 2021 : Dance Film Screenings with Dee Grant & Ingrid Nachstern (Thu 28th)

Jolt Dance Week & Symposium will host an inspiring night of newly made dance film shorts online.

Thursday 28th Jan 2021 | 7pm

This event is FREE and the screening link is below, and remember to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram posts for updates!

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JOLT 2021 : Dance Film Screenings with Dee Grant & Ingrid Nachstern

Introduced by the Dance Artist in Residence and Curator of Jolt Dance Week & Symposium, Dee Grant, join us at 7pm – 8pm for a wonderful opportunity to showcase recent short films made by the dance community at a special on-line screening platform on the evening of Thursday 28th January 2021, as part of the Jolt Dance Week & Symposium 2021.


Join us from 8-9pm – where the Selected works presented and their artists (as well as the public) will be invited to the post-screening discussion event. The post show discussion & the screening platform aims to ignite a conversation in the Co-Vid 19 world between the dance & the camera, exploring a shared ‘meeting point’ between the art forms of dance and film. Post show discussion will be co-hosted by Dee Grant & our special guest, Ingrid Nachstern (Filmmaker/Dance Artist/Director).


—Dance Film Screenings will begin here on Thursday 28th Jan 2021 at 7pm—




The Red Torc Performance is an environmental piece, exploring themes of destruction – on both the natural world, and also its impact on us as people. Nicola with a back ground in fine and applied art specialising in jewellery decided to excavate the mining industry and look at exploring concept development through the experimental conversations between body, form and material, initial drawings that adorn the body and then the body in turn informed. Nicola wears a Torc of red ice walking up Grafton Street on a Saturday morning, her ice jewellery melted and dried in rivulets down her body and onto the street. (2020)

Concept and performance by Nicola Moran

Videographer – Graem Coughlan

Funded by Arts Council of Ireland


Short Film by Robyn Byrne. (2020)

Director Of Photographer Gareth Byrne

Sound Design Kevin Gleeson



Direction & Choreography: Rachel Burke & Marion Cronin (2020)

Film & Editing: Steve O Connor

Performers: Marion Cronin/Sarah Ryan

Composer: Liam Doyle

Funded by Arts Council of Ireland


This video is a reference to where we find ourselves in this current state of affairs. Where even trying to escape mentally is now somewhat tasking as we cannot physically escape these realities. The only solace is to find grace within the uncertainty by finding your own rhythm within the storms of life – This is a piece of our rhythm which is expressed using street dance & Hip-hop art forms – Breakin’,  KRUMP (Kingdom Radically Uplifting Mighty Praise) and contemporary dance. The Film was originally commissioned by the Irish Art Centre NYC.

Video: by Stephen Hall

Movement Artist: Tobi Omoteso

Directed by: Stephen Hall & Tobi Omoteso


What is the relationship between traditional Irish dance and traditional Irish weather? Kristyn Fontanella draws from her knowledge of traditional dance to make new rhythmical patterns and shapes inspired by the fall of rain on her body and the South Galway landscape. Listening to the raindrops, to the wind. Listening to what is happening around to hear what is happening within. Finding new movement patterns from playing in puddles where raindrops fell.(2020)

A Hope it Rains | Soineann nó Doineann commission for Galway 2020, European Capital of Culture

córagrafaí/rinceoir: choreographer/performer: Kristyn Fontanella

stiúrthóir | director: Kristyn Fontanella

ceamadóireacht | camera: Kristyn Fontanella, Darach Ó Ruairc

iriseoir | editor: Shane Vaughan

coimeádaí | curator: Ríonach Ní Néill

producer | léiritheoir: Ciotóg


This short dance film explores sense and synapses within a delicate ecology of rock, water, salt and skin. Driftlines follows a series of shifting perspectives held by both camera and dancer, captured along the Copper Coast shingle stretches of south east Ireland. Here, the camera follows a dancer’s physical immersion and tactile exploration of those arterial spaces that are left in the wake of coastal erosion. The movement and environmental sounds fuse with internalized sensations to create a kinesthetic experience moving from water to land.

hands weave memories of salt veins
saline thoughts suspended in air



A past re lived. A present experienced. A future anticipated.

A life populated by itself.

Filmed & Edited:  John Loftus

Choreography Concept: Dee Grant with cast

Music & Lyrics: Nick Day

Performers: Alice Doolin, David Costelloe, May Pullen, Ben Quinlan, Trish Murphy, and Jesse McGrath.

Filmed on Location at Viking Triangle, No 5 O Connell st, Waterford City and Mahons Falls & Woods & Ballymacraw Cove, Co Waterford.

Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland , Garter Lane Arts Centre & Waterford & City County Council



Created by Kim Mc Cafferty and Jessie Keenan in collaboration with filmmaker Padraig Conaty

Clogh Oughter Castle is a large circular tower on a tiny man made island in Lough Oughter, Co. Cavan. Built around 1220, it’s sprawling history was often fraught with violence, changing ownership many times and playing a key role in Ulster and Ireland’s history. In the 19th century Clough Oughter was revered by both sides of the political/religious divide as, on the one hand, the place where the great nationalist Owen Roe O Neill died, and, on the other, as the place of imprisonment and quasi martyrdom of the Protestant Bishop of Kilmore, William Bedell, famed for commissioning the first translation of the Bible into the Irish language. Today it is primarily the domain of swans and ducks, and also the occasional curious, inspired artist.

This project sees Jessie Keenan, dancer & choreographer, and Kim Mc Cafferty, actor & physical performer, embarking on an exciting new collaboration drawing inspiration from this iconic heritage site and its surrounding area. Collaborating with filmmaker Padraig Conaty they have created Submerged, a short film that has developed from an initial research period on Clogh Oughter Island responding to the historic and visually stunning location. With original soundtrack composed for the piece by Liam Mc Cabe.

This work is supported by Cavan Arts Office, Cavan Heritage Office and Culture Night.



Written by Dani Gill

Directed, filmed and edited by Laura Sheeran

Choreographed by Stephanie Dufresne Featuring Stephanie Dufresne and Muiris Crowley

Music by Adrian Hart

Sound mix by Brian Bolge



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This workshop is part of Jolt Dance Week & Symposium which is part of the Dance Residency 2020 by Dee Grant @Garter Lane Arts Centre, also supported by Arts Council of Ireland & Waterford City & County Council.