Dance Artist in Residence at Garter Lane : Dee Grant

Garter Lane Arts Centre and the Arts Council of Ireland (with support from Waterford City & County Council) are delighted to introduce, Choreographer/ Independent Dance Artist, Dee Grant as the beneficiary of the valuable Artist in Residence Award in 2020.

The award was approved in early 2020 and supports the creation and development of a highly accessible programme of participatory dance engagements, along with the creation of new dance work. The dance residency continues to bolster opportunities through its diverse programmes to support independent dance artists in the south east and their professional development through Spark (free rehearsal space), Morning Class (training opportunities) and participation in the annual Jolt Dance Week.

We are delighted to announce that for the first time – the 2020 dance residency, will bring together members of the community with a passion for dance and movement, developing interactions, integration and creative exchange, This will happen through her choreographic project – ‘Human Geography – mapping the body scape of Waterford’. Dee Grant will contemplate ‘the mapping’ of the Waterford dancers and their vocabulary through encounters with and through her weekly physical programme (20 weeks) as well as an additional 2-week full time dimension with professional dancers in the summer. The performance project involves 4 professional dancers (that may have previously involved with residency programme 2017-2019 at Garter Lane), alongside 4 choreographic contributions from Dee’s community dance practices, an over-55s dance performance class , a children’s dance group & a youth class (to be formed with Waterford Youth Arts) and an open adult migrant dance group in Waterford (to be formed/details to follow).

The project will study relations with and across space & time and drawing attention to the patterns that emerge.  Dee’s concept was to map Waterford bodies i.e. their internal space and external space, the internal landscapes of dancers, young, old, new to the area, long term residents, stories, crossovers, contrasts or shared experiences. Visuals by John Loftus & Music Composition by Nick Day. 

Human Geography will have a written dimension also. As part of the residency in collaboration with its key partners, Waterford City & County Council  and Garter lane Arts Centre, the resident dance artist, Dee Grant will work on producing a strategic dance report during the 12-month period in 2020, celebrating the best of contemporary dance practice in Waterford, with an eye to informing long-term development and policy offerings and future priorities for dance.

About Dee Grant

A Wexford native, Dee Grant graduated from Middlesex University with a BA (Hons)Dance degree in 1993.  Since then, she is no stranger to bringing professional dance to the fore, a former Artistic Director of Myriad Dance (1999-2013) in Wexford, producing numerous choreographic dance works that were shown nationwide, including Dublin Fringe Festival and Dublin Dance Festivals to mention two. In 2008, Dee retrained in Somatic Dance Education with Joan Davis, Maya Lila, Wicklow, a practice that was to have profound effect on her current theatrical & community arts engagement.

Dee remains a passionate instigator, educator and dance advocate for the development of contemporary dance practice in Ireland. She has worked intensively with Arts Officers in Mayo, Carlow, Waterford, Wexford, Wicklow and Leitrim Local Authorities, developing several large-scale contemporary dance performance projects & events for professional dancers, participatory groups, youth dance companies and the learning disability sectors.