Studio Artists

Brendan Butler: I create paintings and drawings inspired by music, dark tales, classic and modern literature. Using dramatic narratives as a source the works take on imagined and borrowed tales from Ireland and abroad. The work expands on the narratives and characters, creating through its own making, a world, space and atmosphere all of its own. The characters and participants imbue a sense of emotion and feeling which is vital to my work. I want to engage the audience and transport them to different places in the imagined and real world within my work, taking them into this manipulated and distorted world.

Through my work I am a teller of stories unknown fully to myself or the audience and through this mixing and matching of fables, stories and use of visual clues; I want my work to connect to the audience in the same way it does with me, emotionally.

The works transcend me as an artist and allows the viewer to be taken into a world they may not have imagined before, enabling them to engage with new elements of the human psyche and imagery.

Sharon Fleming is a local Waterford artist. Best known for her delicate porcelain and glass pieces, she also likes to work in other media such as painting, mono-printing, collage and batik. She takes inspiration from the natural environment and her every day surroundings”

Denise McAuliffe Hutchinson has an honours degree in visual art from WIT and masters degree in fine art painting from (NCAD) Dublin. She has attended summer school at the Royal Academy Of Art, Florence, The Slade Art College London and Crawford Cork. She is a mature artist who is in full command of her painting and works full time from her studio at garter lane. Denise has gone global with her exhibitions and sales, with works landing in Europe, USA and India. Denise uses her imagination and memory to produce some of her best pieces.

Marcella Meagher is a full-time business owner and graphic designer based in Waterford City, resident artist in Garter Lane studios and a member of the Waterford Art Group. Marcella has been a student of artist Brian Smyth, based in Florence, and Nick Robinson, studying portraiture and the figure using a very disciplined practice using the Zorn Pallet which is very restrictive. Marcella painted with Fergus Dillon President of the group at St. John’s College for many years establishing the importance of colour and light to her. She also creates wonderful flow and effects with light from oils. Meagher states “I am very interested in light and composition, painting on a larger canvas and boards is my next ambition” I have an idea which excites me and will reflect in my new paintings in the future.

Miriam O Reilly is an artist living and working in Waterford City.

Rory van Dokkum is a freelance artist, writer and illustrator, recently graduated from Waterford Institute of Technology and currently working in Waterford City. Throughout his life he has been fascinated by the surreal, examining the many forms that it can take and how the presence of the strange influences the normal. His artwork focuses mainly on twisting the human form into something with both familiar and utterly alien aspects.