Darren Malone
Darren Malone

Retail: Is it Six O’Clock Yet? by Darren Malone

Jun 10th - 13th
8:00 pm

Preview June 10 :€10 | Full Price €15 | conc.€12.50

HELLO THERE! I would love to welcome you to the wonderful world of retail, where all your hopes and dreams can come true with a simple purchase from our lovely staff in our very delightful store… actually, hold on for a second.

Anyone who has ever worked in customer service knows this ain’t true. Far from it in fact, and it’s all shown in this brand new comedy play written from the mind of Waterford born sales advisor Darren Malone.

Preview : Wednesday 10th June…price €10!!






“Retail: Is it 6 o’clock yet?” tells the story of David, a happy go lucky – but also very nervous – staff member on his very first day in this glorious world we call customer service, but he learns that this isn’t the greatest show on earth. We see him struggle to deal with angry and happy customers as well as helpful and not-so-helpful staff members, and everything in between! David starts out with the best of intentions but after being shouted at, laughed at, poked and sort of sexually harassed by a fellow member of staff all those good thoughts went straight out the electronic doors.

So come along and laugh out loud as we watch David navigate his way through this very funny and strange thing we call customer service. No exchanges or refunds!

Writer: Darren Malone

Director: Darren Malone

Preview June 10 :€10 | Full Price €15 | conc.€12.50 

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