Project Space : Architecture  

Mar 13th - 30th
6:30 pm
Free event

WK.1 :    Architecture

Design through Research, Research through Design

The reflective design process commences with the concept and the concept is developed through the exploration of ideas. An idea can emanate from the site, a function or sometimes a text. Our first semester explores the development of the idea in this way using a variety of media such as drawings, models and design methods are applied as part of this exploration in parallel with a Research theme. AS the idea becomes a programme in the second semester the models and drawings, serving as the basis for its abstract expression, become the points of reference for its detailed development throughout the life of the project.

Talks/ Events:

Official Opening

Wed 13th : 6.30pm :  Michael Hayes MRIA, Editor of Architecture Ireland – Open to the public FREE


Group Taking Part : 5th year architectural students, Department of Architecture, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Lecturers : Aleksandar Kostic and Harry Bent

Students : 15 students



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