Māris Martinsons
Lauris Reiniks, Anete Krasovska, Nauris Brikmanis, Ieva Florence, Zane Dombrovska, Andris Bulis, Valters Krauze, Baiba Sipeniece-Gavare, Anna Lieckalniņa

(Latvian Film Club) Jaungada Taksometrs 2 (New Year’s Taxi 2)

Jan 25th
6:00 pm
€12.50 |

Comedy | 16+ | Latvian with subtitles in English | 1h 24 min

One year has passed and characters of “New Year’s Eve Taxi” are counting hours until the New Year’s Eve once again. All of them have experienced lot of changes.

Andrejs (Lauris Reiniks) is willingness to stay home with his fiancee (Anete Krasovska), but as Ilze is expecting baby she is fulfilled with million wishes and Andrejs is ready to drive again to get burger, scallops or strawberries. His neighbour policeman Jekabs (Nauris Brikmanis) has been blackmailed throughout the last year but this time by help of the new friend Anna (Anna Lieckalniņa) they return to the “crime scene” to get back his honor. Innocent drive up to the shop turns into the kaleidoscope of events and surprises jeopardising the family gathering.


  • Movie in Latvian with subtitles in English
  • Length: 1h 24 min
  • Comedy, 16+

Director: Māris Martinsons

Cast: Lauris ReiniksAnete KrasovskaNauris BrikmanisIeva FlorenceZane DombrovskaAndris BulisValters KrauzeBaiba Sipeniece-GavareAnna Lieckalniņa

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