POSTPONED : Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf (FREE)

May 6th
6:30 pm

75 MINS | USA | 2018

Gardening blogs and magazines characterise Piet Oudolf as “a rock star garden designer”

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Taking place over five seasons, Thomas Piper’s documentary about Dutch garden designer Piet Oudolf brings us into the mind and creative process of this influential figure as he explores some of his most well regarded public work, his own gardens in Hummelo, and a new garden he is currently installing in south-west England.


A leader of the New Perennial Movement, Oudolf’s naturalistic planting style, featuring swathes of perennials and grasses, is instantly recognisable in the gardens he has designed throughout Europe and beyond, including the Lurie Garden in Chicago and the High Line in New York. Immersed in these gardens, the film moves gently through changes in the weather and the seasons, as Oudolf shares his views on planting, beauty and life.

Date of Screening: May 6th (Wednesday)

Time: 6.30pm

Venue : Garter Lane Arts Centre Theatre

Price: Free to the public

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