Jan 24th
7:30 pm

`You were just F*&*ing amazing, F*&*ing brilliant, I’m a big man and I can only remember crying twice, once last week when Johnny Sexton won the game for Ireland with a drop kick and tonight during your show.”


We come together to celebrate the musical legacy of the icon that is Mr Bob Dylan.

Since the 1960’s, we have been spoilt by the prodigious output of this legend and the quality of his song-writing has garnered multiple awards, culminating in the ultimate recognition of the Nobel prize in Literature in 2016, “For having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”.
No matter what decade you choose, there is a favourite album or a bunch of songs that means something of significance to many Bob Dylan followers and Dylan Revisited provide the audience with a sense of these songs throughout his long history. That’s 50 years of the great man’s work.
Along with solo acoustic renditions of songs such as “Blowing in the Wind”, “The Times They Are a Changing” and “A Hard Rain a-Gonna’ Fall” and full band songs, such as “Desolation Row” and “Like a Rolling Stone”; the Dylan Revisited also include versions of songs performed with the Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton and Bruce Springsteen “All along the Watchtower” and “Knocking on Heavens Door” are given a full-blooded Rock treatment, but are balanced by the Country Sound of “I’ll be your Baby Tonight” and “Lay Lady Lay” The great middle seventies period is not neglected with songs from Blood on The Tracks and Desire and the show is completed with songs from the more recent albums such as Time Out Of Mind, Modern Times, and The Tempest, along with a selection of Dylan’s great work with The Travelling Wilburys. From “Blowing in the Wind” to “Duquesne Whistle”, songs are drawn for 50 years of Bob Dylan’s song writing (1962 to 2012). The Bob Dylan Band celebrates the music of Bob Dylan through a totally live concert experience, great musicians exploring great material.
Jimmy and Jason have the unique experience of working alongside Bob Dylan himself, gaining great insight into the man and his creative muse, and they use their exceptional talent to interpret Bob Dylan’s music with great perception.
Alongside his other work, JBlack has been developing the Bob Dylan show for a long time. After some early one-man performances, which tested the concept of a show, he has continued to hone his skills on the harmonica, explore the many different tunings on the guitars, utilize the latest in keyboard technology, and developed his voice to better communicate the astounding songs of Bob Dylan. He has now taken the next step and formed Dylan Revisited.
One great comment made recently by a member of the Audience in Coleraine Riverside Theatre rewards the commitment to emotional communication:

DYLAN REVISITED, celebrate Dylan’s music with a good time approach to the rock and roll, blues, folk, country and jazz of his 50 years legacy of song writing, with top musicians in love with his music, and having a great time playing it.

The show is about the songs and the band and draws inspiration from all the great Dylan bands from THE BAND to the line-up he uses today.

With some initial acoustic songs, most of the show is the full band, with original arrangements and inspired covers revisiting Dylan’s great songs.



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