Boy With a Suitcase : 8 -12 yrs – TICKETS AVAILABLE SOON

Oct 13th - 14th
12:00 pm

8 -12 yrs

This is the story of a 12-year-old war refugee, who undertakes a long and dangerous journey to find asylum in Ireland. He carries with him only a small suitcase and a treasure of stories from his childhood.

Like his hero, Sinbad the Sailor, who undertook many perilous voyages in search of his fortune, Naz must travel half-way around the world to reach the safety of his brother in Dublin. Naz teams up with Krysia, a young girl in similar circumstances, who helps him dodge soldiers and find safe passage over mountains, across seas and through the mire of a city slum.


A gripping tale of adventure and stories, Naz’s journey throws a spotlight on the real dangers faced by children in other parts of the world, and the lengths to which they must go to reach safety in the relative security of a country like Ireland.

The Author
Mike Kenny is a teacher, a parent, an actor and an award-winning playwright.
He has written in excess of 50 plays for children of all ages and is included in the list of Britain’s top ten playwrights.


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