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  Visual Arts

Fri 12 Nov - Thu 16 Dec  

Admission Free

An exhibition by Mary Ruth Walsh

Nonument to the Third International

Nonument to the Third International is a series of drawings and paintings that places the idea of communication within the landscape. The masts, aerials, dishes and drums reference both a social connection and a monitoring system. Often these objects are placed at the periphery of our vision, sometimes camouflaged, but with the intention of invisibility. The objects are essential tools of communication that operate without regard for borders or boundaries. They disregard the differences between ethnicity, gender and class, simultaneously operating at a local level and across continents.

By alluding to Tatlin’s Tower, also known as the Nonument to the Third International, calls to mind the artist and architect Vladimir Tatlin’s intention for this building. The proposed building took the Eiffel Tower aesthetic and formed a spiral rising from the ground and projecting into the sky.  Within the steel spiral were three great rooms of glass, on the first floor a cube, above it a pyramid and the uppermost room, a cylindrical chamber. These rooms rotated once every year, every month and every day respectively. 
At the top, a communication room was designed with a mast and aerial beaming information to the proletariat. It is one of the most famous buildings that was never realized and is synonymous with Russia’s October Revolution in 1917.



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